Module: Workspaces

Virtual workspaces designed to  manage work more efficiently

Workspaces is a space dedicated to every team, where they can store project documents that are being worked on.

It also includes a timeline for the project and users can post updates and assign tasks to themselves, or colleagues.

Workspaces module advantages:

  • Each team or project has its own storage space for documents

  • All documents related to a particular project or team are in one place

  • Gives team members access to project documents and enables collaborative working

  • Allows assigning tasks to project members

  • Enables each employee to stay up-to-date with all project-related issues

  • Easy and convenient way of creating virtual workspaces for your teams and/or projects
Replacing numerous
communication channels
in the company with one
comprehensive platform

Allowing continuous

access to company information,

supporting transparency

Quick and easy searching

through a built-in search

engine on every page

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3 August 2018
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