Module: Trainings

Make knowledge sharing within the company simple and highly automated!

Why knowledge sharing is important?

81% of employers indicate that the main driver for knowledge management is the development of employee competencies

63% mention boosting work performance

50% increase in customer satisfaction

44% indicate costs reduction

* Research published by  Gartner

Trainings Module Advantages

  • Automating email notifications about enrolling on courses, changed priorities and unavailability and spare places, checking attendance and generating post-training surveys

  • Adding course resources from training to a common online library

  • Enabling control over the entire learning and development process in the company

  • Generating statistics on courses and trainers thanks to PowerPivot or PowerBI

  • A search engine and calendar of all available, past and booked training

Reducing multiple

communication channels

to a single platform

Allowing continuousaccess to company information,supporting transparency
Quick and easy searchingthrough a built-in searchengine on every page
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