Module: Onboarding

The first days of employment are crucial in terms of building a successful relationship between employee and employer. With Intra, your new employees can feel at home from the very beginning!

In companies with an onboarding process 91% of employees admitted to the organization remain in the company for longer periods of time.

The tasks included in the module engage the employee and set the path through which he easily gets to know the company, people and the organizational culture.

The elements of gamification motivate to take subsequent actions and it makes the adaptation of a new employee faster and more efficient.

Onboarding module advantages:

  • Taking care of an employee from the first day of work

  • Gamification allows new employees to learn the ins and outs of the company
  • Allows adding a new employee induction process or configuring an existing one

  • Flxible induction proceess which you can adjust to your employees,

  • Configurable survey completing the entire onboarding process

  • Transparent and easy to use interface

Reducing multiple

communication channels

to a single platform

Allowing continuous

access to company information,

supporting transparency

Quick and easy searching

through a built-in search

engine on every page

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